Hello D-RAVEL followers! Grace (gracerigdon_) here. In January, I started a new job at a tech startup allowing me to travel and work remotely. My family left to spend two weeks in Cape Coral so I hopped on the bandwagon and went with! After spending one week in Cape Coral, I was able to eat fresh food, hangout in local markets, and discover fun beaches. I have the ultimate travel guide to Cape Coral, exactly what you’ll need for your next trip. While this trip was warm and delightful, for me, it was more of a stay-cation.

We stayed at a home with a pool where we were able to work, play and stay safe. Cape Coral is the perfect place for a stay-cation. It is calm, slow paced, yet so beautiful.

Where to Eat

The Boathouse

This bar/restaurant is not only on the bay but has live music every night! The very large restaurant has freshly caught fish, a great drink list & cool local bands that come by and play music every afternoon into evening. The restaurant has a local beach to play + a very long and beautiful pier to check out right next to the restaurant…it was everything I could need and more! Highly recommend.

Nevermind Bar

It’s burger time! I loved this restaurant on the Cape Coral strip. It was chill, had great food, a fun atmosphere & awesome drinks. After eating at the Nevermind Bar, we continued our night by bar hopping on the Cape Coral “strip”. Don’t get any crazy ideas, it’s not Vegas. But, there were several fun bars with large porches, making it fun to play games outside and have a yummy cocktail.

Rum Runners Bar/Marina Restaurant

This spot is BEAUTIFUL! A fan favorite if you ask me. This restaurant and patio seating is right on the marina, has live music & the happy hour seafood and drinks are *chefs kiss*! The menu is for seafood lovers…also, has the best view in my opinion of the sunset. This restaurant is a must.

Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery

What an experience! Whether you love rum or not, this rum distillery has such a unique beach aesthetic and makes great drinks! It was worth the trip.

Tarpon Point Marina

This is a general location. The Tarpon Point Marina is a beautiful spot with about five local restaurants all with marina views. The marina is gorgeous, especially for watching the sunset. The local businesses include a pizza place, a great restaurant to eat fresh fish, ice cream spot, outdoor bar & more.

Beach Time

If you’re looking for a beach with a younger crowd to hang around at, Fort Meyers beach would be the place! This beach is filled with tons of restaurants, fun and crowded bars and shops. I’ll cover more on my article to Fort Meyers!

Local Farmers Market

Every Tuesday and Sunday Cape Coral has two local farmers markets! They do change locations so you’ll want to look it up based on the time of your vacation. These farmer markets have fresh fish, local artisan finds, bakery items & more! I personally feel like you can learn so much about a city from the local farmers market. Have fun!

While I was in Cape Coral, I laid poolside and ate seafood everyday. What more could be needed? While Cape Coral is a bit of a drive from the beach, I hope this ultimate travel guide to Cape Coral will give you some ideas on where to eat & check out during your next vacay.