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My name is Alyssa (@alyssabrascia), and while staying safe comes first on the priority list why not stay safe in-style? I searched far and wide to find fashionable masks for summer that still will keep us safe.

Dearest D-RAVEL Traveler,

No designer could have anticipated the newest and hottest trend of S/S 2020, but sure enough, this piece couldn’t be higher in demand. Face masks, as decreed by the CDC, are a necessity during these trying times in a global pandemic… but who says they can’t be an accessory as well?

For years many cultures have embraced the face mask as a part of their everyday lives to encourage hygiene and protect themselves and one another, and it’s often these people that seem to be the pinnacles of high fashion as well. Other cultures have made face masks an undeniable fashion statement, so let’s take a leaf out of their book and see how we can elevate our style this summer with some breezy face masks that not only protect us from COVID, but double as an accessory.

A few important guidelines to know when looking for some cute new masks:

  • The fabric content should be 100%, tightly woven cotton. 

– This prevents particles from penetrating the mask and further infecting you. The mask should be breathable, but not too airy, or else it’s not doing its job right.

  • Know the proper cleaning instructions

– As recommended by the CDC, your face mask should be cleaned after each use or outing. If not cleaned regularly, the fabric can harbor bacteria or even particles of the virus and cause infection.

  • Wear your cute new mask correctly!

– We know it can be hard to breathe at times but keeping the mask on tightly and securely is key. Don’t pull it down underneath your chin or wear it underneath your nose. Try to look for a mask that has some sort of wire to be worn at the bridge of the nose to shape the mask to your face and prevent open spaces. 

Kitsch is coming in hot with their multiple mask styles, all in aesthetically pleasing three-piece bundles that sell for $12. The 100% cotton fabric used is CDC-approved for protecting yourself against the virus, and their summery prints offer the option to be safely stylish as well. Each mask is sewn in accordion style, which promotes the best breathability. Playing off of this season’s print-crazy trends of faded cheetah prints and pastel tie-dye, Kitsch has it all.

As seen in Vogue, another brand that hits this summer’s trends via face mask on the nose is Nisolo, an ethically sourced, contemporary accessories brand based out of Nashville, Texas. Their minimal, summery masks are made of a soft, breathable cotton that won’t irritate the face after extended wear. Sold either alone for $12 or in packs of three for $39-$45, these masks retail on a slightly more expensive side, but are worth the price for the looks you’ll be serving. Check out their tab on their home page devoted entirely to masks, dubbed the “Mask Marketplace,” for all of the chic styles that this company has to offer. 

Known for its promotion of the outdoors, exploring the world and doing it with heart, Athleta has released its own line of soft, breathable masks sold in packs of five for $30. Available in earthy tones with a splash of camo, there is a mask for everyone in this sporty bundle. These masks come prepared for advanced protection with a lightweight outer layer of a polyester and spandex blend for a soft feel and two inner layers of cotton to promote filtration and protection. 

Another brand coming in hot with cute masks for the summer is Vida, an artsy apparel company that also has devoted the very first tab on their site’s home page solely to masks. Vida’s masks stand out exceptionally due to the protection-packed engineering behind these cute little pieces, which are available alone, in pairs or four-packs. Comprised of two layers of 100% cotton, a thin metal wire to adapt to the bridge of your nose, adjustable straps and a multi-layer PM2.5 filter, these masks can adapt to fit any face snugly, keeping you comfortable and safe when out on the town. We are loving their Champagne Rose and Laurel Grey options for completing our summer looks!

Our fifth and final mask we are obsessed with for the summertime is from a small business in Los Angeles called HeyJanuary. You can find them selling their adorable linen masks on Etsy for $9.99 apiece in a variety of summery colors. We particularly love their light pink and beige-colored options for pulling our seasonal fits together. Sewn with a built-in nose structure, this mask will fit snugly where it’s supposed to and still allow for breathability. These cute masks are also double-layered with 100% cotton and linen to prevent the catching or spreading of COVID-19. Head on over to HeyJanuary to grab these lightweight and very fashionable masks before they’re gone!

Though these are trying times, we can find a little bit of fun in fashion while we try and make the best of the situation. You can do this by washing your hands, staying home if you feel sick, social distancing and wearing a fashionable mask! Let’s get this world on-track to a speedy recovery by wearing a mask out in public to keep others and yourself safe. We only have one world, so let’s take care of the people in it (and do it in style)!