As many of you may know, last Sunday I hopped on a plane to Cape Coral, Florida with less than an hour of notice! How fun is it to live spontaneously? As I obviously was packing in a RUSH (that is an understatement), I made sure to pack the essentials. Here are the essential products you need in your carry-on.

1. This adorable Leaf Printed swimsuit from CUPSHE

A couple months ago I was scrolling on Amazon and found this have-to-buy two-piece swimsuit. I hadn’t purchased swimwear from Amazon before, but I am in love. The back of the swimsuit is a statement! The bottoms also have a retro-inspired belt.

2. Vintage Cat Eyed Sunnies

As I was QUICKLY searching my home trying to figure out what to throw in my carry-on, I would simply never forget these oh-so-trendy Vintage Cat Eyed sunglasses. I’m sure all you ladies may have a pair already, but not only are they sleek and fabulous but they look amazing with about everything. Perfect for the sunshine!

3. AirPods

Listen, you might possibly be like the “old” me…stubborn. I literally refused to purchase these AirPods because I didn’t think they were necessary. Was I wrong. After being simply annoyed during every workout because my earphones seemed to always be getting in the way, I gave in and purchased the older version AirPods. They are AMAZING! On the plane, in the airport, around the pool, these hand-free earphones make doing about anything easy.

4. Carry-On Sports Bag

I love this sports bag and use it for a lot more than just a carry-on. Because the bag is nylon, it’s great for the beach, going to the gym and I also use it as a work bag! I like the light-weight quality and the color is too cute not to get it.

5. Neutrogena Tinted Facial Moisturizer and Retinol Treatment with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen 

If I could say this product is the shit, I’d say it…oops just did. I’ve been using this light-weight moisturizer for years, and am hooked. Not only does it give you a very natural look, but it has retinol treatment and SPF 20. This was a MUST when heading into the sun. I wear SPF everyday to protect and hydrate my skin. No facial burns here!

For your next quick trip, these are the five essential products you need in your carry-on. While I was quickly packing, I made sure to grab some of my favorites.