Everyone needs that little escape from time to time, and the pandemic that we are currently living through is not so forgiving with this. So, in this time where we can’t fully vacation, take trips or find those escapes, you know what we do? We bring it home.

How to Stay-cation | d-ravel.com
How to Stay-cation

Dearest D-RAVEL Traveler,

It’s Alyssa (@alyssabrascia) here to express how much you need to take a break. Our eyes need to not stare at a screen, our ears need to not hear the interference from a Zoom call, and our brains need to not think about everything happening in our world for just a little. If you’re crunched on time or simply don’t feel comfortable with travel yet, maybe just take a day or a weekend to stay-cation. Whatever it may be, the ultimate goal of this “trip” is to unplug from our virtual world for just a bit. So sit back, relax, and let me introduce some ways that you can bring the vacation home.

Spa Day

You don’t need the bubbling brook of a resort spa or a masseuse to experience spa treatment. Dim the lights in your room, download a spa sounds app (we recommend Rain Rain for a longevity that you can time out, so no ads disturb your peace), treat yourself to a face or hair mask, and lay back and relax. A few ideas while you recline:

How to Stay-cation | d-ravel.com
How to Stay-cation
Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs, $29.99
  • Throw on that robe
  • Take a soak in the bath (bath bomb highly recommended – try this one from Beauty by Earth)
  • Treat yourself to some skincare
  • Use an essential oil diffuser (lavender oil for calming properties. We’re loving this product from doTERRA)
  • DIY mani/pedi
  • Light a candle
  • Read a book, magazine (or our blog, wink wink)

Movie Night/Day

You’re on vacation, you can do whatever you want! And if that consists of a movie marathon all night (or day… you’re on island time, do as you wish), then who is going to tell you otherwise? Curl up with your favorite blanket and/or person and get your movie-on. My personal recommendation is Harry Potter, but not everyone is as nerdy as me.

Order In!

That favorite restaurant you are craving? Don’t take off that bath robe that you’ve been so comfortably lounging in… call up their nearest location and place an order (go all out). Especially in the era of COVID, almost every restaurant has altered their menus to allow for delivery, so utilize this asset to support your spa day and local businesses.

Be a Tourist in your City

Although you’re technically staying home for your vacation, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore new places in your area and do some touristy things! Maybe we’ve even covered your location and have some articles to broaden your horizons… click on our blog, hit the search button, type in your city and watch the suggestions spring to life!

How to Stay-cation | d-ravel.com
How to Stay-cation

We tend to pass over the fun things there is to do in our cities or towns while we’re on our everyday commute, it’s too easy to glance past that cool bar restaurant down the road. Take this time to truly familiarize yourself with your area, do some research on cool places around you (such as d-ravel.com, wink wink) and get to know your city like never before. Who knows, you may even find your new favorite spot after this! A few ideas:

  • Visit a new museum around you (if they are open and following mask mandates/social distancing!)
  • Research new bars and restaurants
  • Explore nearby hiking trails and national parks
  • Try out a new cafe (and taste their new seasonal drinks)
  • Shop at some local boutiques (get some inspiration from us with our Boutique of the Week)

Backyard Camping

Itching for the outdoors but lacking the time to fit in a full trip? Luckily for you, we have just the fix.

How to Stay-cation | d-ravel.com
How to Stay-cation
@joshhild, Unsplash

The only thing to make this trip more realistic would be to be in the woods, and if you live near them, you’re winning at this one. Pitch a tent in the backyard and illuminate it with bulbs or string lights to create a romantic mood. Grab some good books, your favorite person, and especially if you have a fire pit, some s’mores ingredients. Or run inside, pop it in the microwave and run back out with your gooey creation and pretend you did it the traditional way. Tastes the same either way!

At least you have your nice bathroom at this camping ground!

Relax and Have Fun!

Aside from hosting the vacation in your home, a stay-cation is for relaxing and enjoying life in the comfort of your own home. We hope this article gave you a few ideas for your next day off, mental health day or whatever qualifies as a stay-cation to you. As always, happy traveling (or stay-rationing)!