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Gabrielle (@gabrielleolejniczak) here, and I am a Cedar Rapids native! Having lived in Cedar Rapids my entire life, I have tried my fair share of local restaurants. When asked to come up with some of the ‘chicest’ food spots in the Cedar Rapids area, I quickly thought of a few of my absolute favorites. If you’re ever in town, be sure to check out my favorite restaurants in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

My Favorite Restaurants in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

For the Foodie: 5 Restaurants in Cedar Rapids, Iowa You Need to Try |
For the Foodie: 5 Restaurants in Cedar Rapids, Iowa You Need to Try
Specialty drink at Cobble Hill called Little Italy Sour
  1. Caucho-If you love Mexican food but are tired of the same old thing, this is definitely the place for you. A self-described urban taco joint, Caucho mixes authentic with modern. Offering fresh, made in-house food, an ever-changing menu, and a full bar, Caucho is the perfect place for after-work drinks or a night out on the town. 
  2. Cobble Hill-Their philosophy is simple; you don’t have to leave Iowa to eat like you are in New York City. Inspired by life in Brooklyn, New York, Cobble Hill offers fine dining with a dedication to using local products. Their menus are updated seasonally, and the restaurant’s dreamy aesthetic has landed them on a list of Most Romantic Restaurants in Iowa. 
  3. Black Sheep Social Club-Black Sheep is fantastic because of its ambiance. It feels very modern, trendy, and upscale. With a wide variety of items on their menu and great drinks, there is something for everyone.
  4. R.G Books/ Vinos-Probably one of the coolest restaurants in Cedar Rapids. One side is reserved for dining, while the other side features a bar and lounge area. Both the food and drink menu feature very upscale and delicious options you’re sure to love.
  5. Popoli-Located inside of a former bank, Popoli has a very unique feel to it. They have lots of great drinks and a sophisticated menu. An excellent place for a fancier outing!

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