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Did you know you could travel and stay in a free accommodation because you’re a house or pet sitter? Yes, you can be a worldwide house and pet sitter with Housecarers.

People all over the globe, in the most fabulous places are putting their homes up for take, asking for a guest to come and stay in their home for free in return of taking care of their home or pets.

While several of us are working from home, this could be a perfect opportunity to go and check out a new area of the country and stay in a beautiful place.

Worldwide House and Pet Sitter with Housecarers

Yes, homes on the beach in San Diego, near a mountain in Arizona and so many more are all listed as available opportunities! Before committing, you are able to see an advertisement of the home and detailed lists about the pets and responsibilities.

Saying “Yes!” to Travel

“Keeping Pets out of Boarding Kennels, Safeguarding Homes, Fulfilling Travel Dreams, and Facilitating Friendships since October 2000” – works to keep their promise to the pets, homes, and carers.

For all my D-RAVEL travel lovers, I think this is a perfect opportunity to get yourselves back out and traveling but in a safe and very inexpensive way! Whether you’re wanting a weekend getaway or two month extravaganza, Housecarers is such a great option.